Lalay was established in 2007 by Figen Subaşı Westerhof , Çiğdem Subaşı ,Nurçin Subaşı and Müge Konuralp as a social responsibility project under the aegis of Subaşı Group of Companies, with a view to conveying the timeless cultural heritage of Anatolia to the contemporary marketplace. Lalay which happens to be the embodiment of a joint dream in a unique brand has become an outstanding example of female entrepreneurship in Turkey.

The craftsmen, artisans, masters who never disassociated themselves from their ties of affection for the Anatolian Culture and the unique values which they still produce today with commitment has been the main source of inspiration for Lalay.


To carry on these historic values in a natural way into the present, it started with the black bench and the handloom woven loincloths, terry napkins. Later on it continued with soap, copper workmanship, cotton blankets, cotton bed linen, loincloth and terry bathrobes.

Lalay's aim is to introduce the natural and inspiring forms of the Anatolian culture firstly to its own people and then to the world. And of course to bring it to anyone who appreciates nature, practical usage and quality, too...

We Care for Mother Nature


Lalay Quality

1st quality combed cotton yarns, 100% cotton, 100% fabric and color guarantee. The products of Lalay which are processed by hand without sacrificing any quality on handlooms by the Anatolian people themselves...

Lalay shows its respect for the culture, work and the mastery by continually increasing the quality of its products, and improves this quality further more by using looms that work with the first technology used by Sümerbank and by the endeavor of our people.


Our Quality Policy

Documenting, certifying and continuously improving our quality management system to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 standards,

Improving and enhancing the efficiency of our activities, employees and working environment,

Providing a transparent organization to ensure the joint responsibility, participation and loyalty of our employees,

Adopting Quality Management System as a principle,

Providing continuous training for our staff to improve their skills and qualifications,

Attaining maximum customer satisfaction by striving to meet their expectations and demands to the best of our abilities,

Maintaining good relations with our customers and other stakeholders,

Respecting the environment in all our operations by strict adherence to related legal regulations and approved practices,

Taking the necessary actions to ensure the efficient utilization of our investments and to enable innovations,

Contributing to the development of our traditional handicrafts and their adaptation to the new technologies, thereby ensuring their transfer to the posterity.

Lalay Naturalness

Being natural, protecting the nature... Lalay who produces nature-friendly products without sacrificing in quality, manifests the philosophy of the fumeless industry. The materials used in the products are obtained in a 100% natural way and crafted by hand.

Loincloths produced by Lalay distinguish themselves by being easy to maintain and by the little space they take and this in turn makes it possible to use less detergent to clean them.




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