BUYERS agree in advance that they are willing to share some of their personal information with in order to confirm their identities, deposit the order price and ensure the security of their accounts during the ordering process.

 BUYERS accept and undertake that they will provide true and accurate information about their identities when shopping at

BUYERS agree that they will not make purchases under any other name or name for any reason; Under no circumstances will they engage in fraudulent and/or fraudulent transactions; They accept and undertake that they will not make purchases on behalf of another person and that they will refrain from providing deceptive information under any circumstances.

In addition to the information voluntarily shared by the consumer through the extension, the consumer accepts that a cookie may be placed on the consumer's computer in order to collect information about how the consumer uses the extension website and allows this authority to be used with this agreement.

The reason for applying this information collection method is to ensure the consumer's own security. Information collected in this way will only be shared by authorities responsible for verifying consumer accounts.

The information shared voluntarily by the consumer in this way will not be disclosed to any third party, institution and/or organization under any circumstances. However, when it is necessary to share this information for special circumstances requiring legal obligation, mandatory provisions of the law and/or in order to protect the consumer's account and ensure the security of consumer information and for compelling reasons, the consumer accepts in advance that he/she consents to the sharing of this information.

BUYERS allow all the information they shared while shopping and ordering from extension to be used and shared in the transactions to be carried out by company officials. In addition, all transactions, correspondence, conversations and/or information sharing between the consumer and the company are kept and stored by the company within an appropriate period of time. 

This information may be submitted by the company to the competent authorities in case of a possible dispute in the future.

The company undertakes to take maximum protection measures on the extension in order to protect the confidentiality of the information that BUYERS have voluntarily shared with the company. Again, in accordance with its security policy, the company accepts and undertakes to be sensitive to technological developments to ensure the confidentiality of consumer information and to renew, develop and update its protection measures.

In the light of the information shared by the BUYERS through the extension, the company contacts the BUYERS from time to time through all kinds of communication tools; can convey information about promotions to the consumer; introduce new products and other products available for sale; In this way, he/she can contact us under all circumstances and conditions. The consumer accepts and undertakes in advance that he/she allows the company to contact this method within the framework of the terms of this contract. However, if the consumer does not want to be contacted by the company, he/she must notify the company in writing.

Although we take maximum precautions to ensure the security of the address with the extension, the consumer may suffer losses due to damages and losses that may occur on the web address for reasons beyond the initiative of the company (virtual attack on the web address, cracking the security passwords on the web address, etc.). In this case, the company will not accept any liability.


When placing an order and shopping, the consumer acknowledges and declares that he/she has read and understood this agreement and accepts every article of it.


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