How can I order?

In order to place an order through our site, you must first become a member of our site. After creating your
membership, you can go to the page of the product you want to buy, choose the color you like, etc., and click the
"Add to cart" button to add the product to your cart.
You can then place your order by clicking "My Cart" at the top right of our page, entering the shipping and delivery
information that the system will ask for, your payment information and placing your order.

Why Should I Create a Membership?

If you do not have a membership, you cannot create orders or track orders.

I forgot my password?

Go to the "LOG IN" section in the upper right corner of the page, click on the *forgot my password* link and enter
the e-mail address you used when registering to the site. In a very short time, an e-mail will be sent to you containing
the password you provided to us when logging in to the site.

What should I pay attention to when ordering?

First of all, when becoming a member, you must make sure that the membership form you fill out contains complete
and up-to-date information.
In case of any problem that arises after your order, our customer representatives will contact you using the contact
information in your membership information.
Your order will be sent to the delivery address you entered. To avoid any problems during cargo delivery, you must
write your address in full detail.

I placed my order, what happens next?

After your order reaches our system without any problems, an e-mail stating the details of your order will be sent to
the e-mail address you used when registering to our site.
Our customer representatives will prepare and ship your products to deliver your order to you as soon as possible
without any problems.
When your product is delivered to the cargo company, we will send you an e-mail again and you will be informed
about the cargo.
For orders placed with the money transfer / EFT payment option, your order will be valid on the date your payment is
reflected in our accounts.
Our company is not responsible for the depletion of stocks of products for orders that have not been paid during this
process. Orders placed by credit card are processed immediately.

How can I pay for my shopping?

You can pay for the orders you place on our site in cash, by debit card using your credit card; If you wish, you can
make your payment by money transfer- T/T as well.

Is it safe for me to provide my credit card information on your site?

Our site uses the latest technologies and the best service providers for your security when purchasing by credit card.
There is a switch at the bottom of your browser on every page where you enter your personal information. This key
is a sign that any information you send with your browser cannot be seen by third parties.
Our site has a 256 Bit SSL certificate, which is also used by banks.
Thanks to the SSL certificate, you can shop freely on our site without risking your security.
Your credit card information you share with us; address, telephone, e-mail address, etc. Your personal information
will never be shared with other organizations and will be kept confidential.

What is the reason why I cannot complete my order by credit card?

When you encounter a problem with your credit card payment, we kindly ask you to contact the customer services of
the bank to which your credit card belongs and get information about your credit card's blockage, limit problem,
whether it is open to online shopping or not, whether it has the features of the card family or whether there is a
technical problem.

How can I track my order?

You can access the current status of your order by logging in to the "Order Tracking" section.

When Will My Order Be Shipped?

Your orders are delivered to cargo within an average of 3-7 business days.

How can I change the delivery address of my order?

You can change the delivery address of your orders placed on our site by calling our customer service or sending an
For orders delivered to the cargo company, only we can request changes by giving instructions after the cargo
reaches the branch.

Weekend Orders
Orders you place over the weekend are processed on Monday.

Can the cargo be delivered at the time I want?

Cargo delivers between 09.00-18.00 on weekdays. A special delivery time cannot be determined upon request.

On-site Data Security
During your transactions in a secure environment, no person, institution or organization can access your information
except you and the bank that allocated the credit card to you.
The credit card transaction page transmits the card information directly to the bank POS system and notifies the
customer of the transaction result.
Credit card information is not transferred via e-mail or similar methods.
It is not possible even for us to access the credit card information transferred as a result of the online transaction.

How long can I keep products in my cart?
In order to ensure that all our members benefit equally from the opportunities we offer, the selected products are
kept in our members' baskets for a maximum of 2 days.







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